Slave Castle, Ghana.

I stood there staring at the ocean from the roof of this castle – the Elmina Slave Castle. A few minutes earlier I had walked through the dungeon where over 600 women were stored, before being shipped to the “New World” through these very waters. Some of their shackles still lay there, the bucket for […]

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When I lived in India, I hated sewers. I hated sewers for what they did to people. One day when I was walking back from school, I saw two people slowly lower an elderly man into a sewer with a basket of some sort. A few minutes later, as I stood watching, the man came […]

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Stone Mountain: Stay Woke.

President Davis, when you said, “You cannot transform the negro into anything one-tenth as useful or as good as what slavery enables them to be”, did you imagine the possibility of an educated, free, colored woman in your city, caressing your stone-cold face?
Looks like I’m more than one tenth useful.

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